Shorten Your To-Do List


I love to learn things that are challenging and find a way to break them down so it becomes so simple anyone can do it. I love to have a fail proof system in place so I don’t waste all my energy making decisions. Once I have made those decisions about what’s important,  I just need a way to take action. That’s what we’re going to do together today. I am going to fill you in on a little trick I use everyday.

But, before I start I want you to think of somebody who needs this information, too. Anyone who is spending all day checking items off their to-do list only to have nothing to show for it. They can’t relax and watch TV because it feels like torture. There are goals to be accomplished, yet you feel like you have NO time to work toward them. You spend your days in an endless cycle of laundry and chores knowing the next day will look the same.  You feel like your wheels are spinning.


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I know what this feels like. I do. Because the person I am describing was ME! I want you to be able to make your to-do list something that helps you achieve your goals. Sure, it’s important you take care of your obligations, too. But there is a way you can do both. Sound crazy? It is possible. I know because I have been able to do it. I remember one Sunday night being so exhausted and overwhelmed. I began to feel sorry for myself because even though I had it all…wonderful husband, two beautiful, healthy little boys…I was just not happy. I desperately wanted a break from the demands on my time to do some things I wanted to do for myself. But, I was feeling guilty for wanting time to myself. I was already away from my boys until I left work at 5pm. Then there was the moment I realized I was the only person who could change the situation.  

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I knew I had to figure out how to break this cycle. If someone else has done this before, then I could do it, too. I want to enjoy my life. Appreciate the little things. I want to be able to play with my kids. I want to be able to go to their sports practices and games. I want to have coffee with a friend and not worry about missing out on an opportunity. I want to do all these things and not feel guilty because I am not doing something else.

I know so many women who have tried to “get it together” and failed. But, it’s because they have not figured out a system that allows them to do those extra things, maintain their regular job and responsibilities at home, and still enjoy life. I am going to share with you how that is possible.

There is a system. Just 3 steps. I have learned them, I have mastered them, I have tested them, and they work. I want to share those three steps with you.It is possible. And it is not rocket science. Make sure you send this link to someone else. I know there is someone else you love and care about who needs this as much as you do. You will hold each other accountable to see it through. I am going to blow your mind. I am going to teach you things you have not seen before. I am going to show you step by step how to get there.

So, I want you to grab a pen and print 5 pages of this printable note paper (click below to download.)

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Don’t just write this down on any random piece of paper. This is going to be your workbook for the next couple of weeks. I am going to send you additional worksheets over the next week to add to your workbook. Hole punch it and place it in a pretty binder. You will refer back to this workbook throughout the process, and I want you to have it all together. It is important that you follow each step in the process. If you leave out a step, you will not get the results you want.

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Forward this link to a friend, tell her to print her workbook and grab a pen, too. I’ll send you another email with the first lesson in a couple of days. We’re not talking pie in the sky concepts here. We’re talking action. Until then…



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